It always takes me a long time to walk from one place to another as i'm constantly stopping to inspect a material or poking my head underneath a bench to see how it's put together.
I'm totally curious and always thinking about how to apply things in different contexts.

I definitely don't subscribe to the idea of perfection - It's a word I feel creates anxiety and discontent in people so I prefer to be inspired by Wabi-Sabi , the beauty in imperfection - read about it HERE, it's pretty awesome.

Did i mention i love coffee?

I aim to create well crafted spaces that are inspired, relaxed and that generate feelings of happiness and pure contentment - these spaces allow you to dream big and believe that anything is possible.

I also love working with other creatives on a diverse range of projects like visualising a design idea in 3D, helping to create a portfolio of ideas for promotion or as an outdoor design specialist on a renovation / new home build.

Grab me for a coffee and we can discuss how I can help you with your own project.