One of my favourite gardens

When i first came across this amazing space, I immediately fell in love. It has such a fine balance of materials and i could definitely see myself enjoying a Sunday morning coffee on that bench - here are a few points I picked up on;

  1. Look at the laser cut pattern in the weathering steel fence - like me, you've probably seen hundreds that don't look right - this has the right amount of see through and blockage.
  2. The angles used create a huge amount of interest - almost like it's not exposing itself all at once.
  3. Look at how things line up - multiple materials are in line but not in a way that makes it look contrived.
  4. The pond has an incredible colour and texture to it - not just plain black.

Hilgard Residence
Created By: Mary Barensfeld Architecture
Photography: Joe Fletcher Photography

Hilgard Residence.jpeg