Keeping Score

I'm like a locust when it comes to consuming information although i've found I often get bogged down with so many different authors of this info that it becomes paralysing and I end up confused and taking no action.

I recently made a decision to stick to a few only (and not worry that other vital info is slipping past in the meantime!) and to put into action their suggestions.
I totally love sharing out the fab stuff that I've come across so here is my list of people i've decided to follow;

Marie Forleo
Marie has connected with so many extraordinary people and so her content is always useful and insightful.

Steven Pressfield - Do The Work.
This audiobook is on repeat in my office and car. It doesn't matter what you are trying to do in life, this covers off what happens and why we generally don't follow through on things and is presented in a very easily digestible format (he's kind of gruff and matter of fact about it)

Tim Ferris
Author of The 4 Hour Work Week and Tools of Titans (amongst many others), Tim has broken loads of rules and has a different way of looking at challenges. Lots to learn from him.

Simon Sinek
Watch this video and you'll get why i totally love his content

Seth Godin
His blog is powerful, easy to understand and very quick to consume. He's an extraordinary thinker and has really challenged some of my long held beliefs.

Speaking of Marie Forleo, I just watched this fantastic interview with her and Seth Godin and suggest you spend the 30 mins or so making up your mind as to whether it's useful or not.




Alastair MacGregor