Coffee first. 

To ensure that we're both going to enjoy each other's company during this design journey, I suggest we grab a coffee and have a chat about your aspirations for your new space. Read more about it HERE

Collect the inspiration.

Before arranging an initial design consultation, you'll need to do a bit of easy homework (unlike school, this will be exciting!)
Start collecting images of spaces you love, that feel just right for you (don't over think these, just go with the heart). It doesn't only need to be spaces either so if you love the type of material used for Kim Kardashian's dress, bring that to the table.

Sign up for a free account on Pinterest ( and save a selection containing a maximum of 10 images to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed and confused.

You'll also need to have a think about how you want to use & engage with the space - this is about creating an inspirational space for you and those around you, so shoot for the stars. It might be things like entertaining up to 40 people, outdoor intimate dinner parties, viewed from indoors only, room to play with the kids / dog / cat / guinea pig etc.....

Initial design consultation.

The initial design consultation takes place onsite where I'll begin to piece together a detailed design brief and discuss possible ideas for your space. Consultation is also easily provided via Skype and email for interstate / international projects. 
We'll run through the inspiration you've collected and talk general ideas for the space. I can meet with your architect / builder / interior designer at this stage to ensure a consistent and harmonious design is maintained.
A written brief and fee proposal is sent to you within 2 days to allow you to consider further stages of design and construction.

The consultation fee is $165 inc GST and usually takes 1-1.5 hours.
This fee can be paid in cash or direct transfer.

Design stages.

The design phase has 2 parts. First, a 3D concept is created to allow you to visualise the look and the feel of the space. Like most people, I find 3D easier to understand than 2 dimensional plans. We can walk through this space virtually and discuss any changes necessary before we fill in the details.
Depending on the size of the space, this stage can take a few weeks to develop and the style is similar to the images below. 

Once you've fallen in love with the concept, the next stage is to add all the necessary details and draw the plan to scale. This will involve mapping out the specific material choices, plant types and any tiny details necessary to create the feel we're after. The detailing is key in the difference between an average space and an incredible space and something that I'm obsessed with. It also ensures that when it comes time to construct it,  the installer can also fully understand what we're trying to achieve.

The fee for these stages is fixed and dependant upon the amount of detail required. A fee proposal outlining this will be given following an initial design consultation.


Each project is as unique as you are and it's important that a suitably awesome team is assembled to help bring the design to life. I've spent a great deal of time working out who these construction ninjas are to ensure that your outdoor space is completed to the highest possible standards. You might already have someone in mind to construct your space and that's totally fine - i can work closely with them also.
The final design is estimated at this stage to ensure it can be delivered within your budget. Some designs can be highly complex and so please allow a little time for an estimation to be completed.

Pre-sale garden styling

Buying and selling a home is a highly emotional process involving huge sums of money. You cannot underestimate the importance of connecting that potential buyer the moment they view your property. From an outdoors perspective, this may mean a simple garden refresh, some well placed pots and ornamentation or redirecting a path. Emotionally connected buyers will pay more for your home and I can help create this connection within your budget.